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Q & A
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This question and answer page is to get you started with Stone Quarry Storage.
If you have any other questions, please call.

Q: What hours can I access my unit?
A: You can conveniently access your storage unit 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Q: Do I have to provide my lock?
A: Yes, but Stone Quarry Storage does have locks for sale if needed. By providing your lock, you are the only one with exclusive access to your unit.

Q: What are the sizes of the doors on the storage units?
A: Stone Quarry Storage provides 9ft. Wide by 8ft. Tall overhead doors on the 10ft. Wide units and 10ft. Wide by 10ft. Tall overhead doors on 11ft. Wide units.

Q: How long can I rent for?
A: Stone Quarry Storage encourages you to make use of self-storage not just for long-term, but also for short-term solutions. You can conveniently rent from month to month or from year to year. *A discount is offered for year-long leases.

Q: Is a security deposit required for the storage units?

A: Yes, one month's worth of rent is required for a security deposit on your storage unit.

Q: Is it needed to give notice before vacating my "unit(s)"?
A: Yes. As explained in the contract at the beginning of your term, Stone Quarry Storage requires a 30-day notice before vacating any unit.

Q: Where do I send payment for my rent?
A: Please send payments and other important notices to:

JR Storage
PO Box 409
Suamico, WI 54173-0409